First yes we know we are a top rated trainer, and yes we also know we’re not the most expensive.  This is not an oversight!  We want to keep as many dogs from going to the shelter as possible!  So we try very hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible. Our terms and conditions are in place to protect us from having to raise our rates. Please respect them and our time.

Do we have a guarantee?

We do! We offer the Music City K9 Training 15 minutes guarantee.  If your work with your dog every day for at least 15 minutes {3x a day} at the end of the course you will have a trained dog. You must not miss any lessons, and you must document each time you have worked with your dog over the course in the training logs provided to you and turn them in.

What form of payment do we accept?

Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Checks, and most Credit Cards. We do not use Cash Ap etc.  There is a $50 returned check fee.

When is payment due?

Payment either in full or your first payment in your payment plan is due at the end of your first lesson.  All subsequent payments are due at the end of each lesson.

How long do I have to pay an outstanding balance on my account?

You have 30 days to pay an outstanding balance before it goes to collections.

Do we use E collars or shock collars during training?

No, that is not part of your normal training curriculum. You will be informed how to properly use them for certain nuisance behaviors without damaging your relationship.

What if I didn’t get time to work with my dog this week?

Do not cancel your lesson if you didn’t have time to properly work with your dog. Please let your trainer come and help you get caught up so you can stay on track!  Also, don’t try to cram just before your trainer comes. The trainer is there for an hour and that’s a lot for your dog.  Make sure they have a good couple hours break before your class begins.

What if I have more than one dog?

We don’t typically charge extra for more dogs. Our philosophy is you are our student. How many students you want is up to you.  If one dog has an issue and the other doesn’t, we will address that. In rare instances there may be an upcharge if it is a time intensive situation.

Do we work with “aggressive” dogs or dogs with reactivity?

The short answer is…  We rarely ever say no when it comes to trying to help you or our furry friends no matter what their disposition. We may take a different approach than the usual course depending on the situation.

What if we have bad weather?

In most cases we can still have class. Your trainer will let you know if it is too bad or he can’t get to you. We may be able to move the class up or back to accommodate that day.

I’m not sure which class to take. How can I know which class is right for me and my dog?

Just call us for your free phone consultation. We will be happy to discuss your dog’s issues with you and offer some different options for you.

Do we train dogs for protection or attack dogs?

No, we spend all our time helping people with behavioral issues including curbing aggression. Attempting to keep as many dogs from going to the shelter as possible is our #1 goal!

Do we do board and train?

No, we don’t. We find it MUCH more effective for the owners to be involved in the training.  Being one of the only trainers in the area that will take cases involving “aggression,” it is important that the owners are part of this process.  Besides, who do you want your dog to listen to, some trainer or YOU?

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